Sewa Kipas Air Water Mist Fan Alor Setar Kedah


SEWA KIPAS AIR WATER MIST FAN ALOR SETAR KEDAH PERLIS menyediakan khidmat sewa kipas air atau water fan mist fan di di Alor Setar Kedah dan Perlis Malaysia. Kontek kami sekarang untuk sewa kipas air water mist fan di sini.


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Location and delivery

Alor Setar and Kedah Perlis area delivery from RM50 per rental. That mean if you rent 10 units at Alor Setar area the delivery charge only RM50 for all.


Type of Mist Fan

Very nice design (see pictures below). Its suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. We suggest two units water water mist fan for one unit standard wedding canopy 20ft x 20ft. this mist fan also suitable for small room and living room.

Water Mist Fan Rental Rate

Only RM50 per units including setup fee and special table for this fan. For example if you rent 5 units water mist fan at Alor Setar area. The total charges are (RM50 x 5units) + RM50 delivery = RM300. menyediakan directory dan pengiklanan bagi sewa kipas air water mist fan.


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